The University of Saint Francis is much more than a higher education institution that offers academic degree programs and resources to tuition-paying students. USF students, faculty, and staff form an academic community in the Catholic tradition of universities, which began, in earnest, with the founding of the University of Bologna (Italy) in 1088. Since their origins, Catholic colleges and universities emphasize the holistic integration of faith, reason, and service.

And just as Franciscans serve USF, they served in Bologna after their foundation in the 13th century. As St. Bonaventure, a Franciscan friar, wished, this university unites knowledge and love. Hence, students are encouraged not just to learn, but are assisted in learning how to live good lives full of love. 

Campus Ministry plays an integral part in building-up the USF community according to this Catholic-Franciscan foundation. We encourage and offer tools to all in the university to live good lives full of love wherein faith, reason, and service are holistically integrated. To encourage the conditions to make this possible, we build relationships and bring students, faculty, and staff together for many events, often in collaboration with others in the university, to foster an inclusive, welcoming, hospitable, and close-knit community.