Essential to Saint Francis’ Catholic, Franciscan mission, identity, and ethos is Campus Ministry, which aspires to foster an inclusive, welcoming, hospitable, and close-knit university community wherein it cultivates the faith of all students, faculty, and staff. Accordingly, Campus Ministry provides or connects the university community to opportunities for:

  1. Catechesis;

  2. Pastoral care and conversation;

  3. Prayer and the liturgical celebration of the Sacraments;

  4. Service; and

  5. Spiritual growth.

To help facilitate a holistic integration of faith in daily life, Campus Ministry also offers faith-sharing groups and resourcesBeyond this, a directed and supervised peer ministry formation program is offered to students who wish to gain invaluable ministerial skills and experience while serving their peers.

Campus Ministry


The Campus Ministry Building is centrally located on the main campus behind Brookside Mansion on the shore of Mirror Lake. Besides offices and meeting rooms, the building includes kitchens and common rooms. Students, faculty, and staff are invited to use the facilities to reflect, pray, relax, study, eat, watch TV, shoot pool, play musical instruments, and more.

The building is open daily between 7:30 AM and 11:30 PM when the university is in session. All are welcome!


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